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There will always be some applications where only a Mobile or fixed single packaged Air Conditioner system will do.
Hotel rooms, Flats, Conservatories and Domestic Budget applications and 
Planning / Condenser positioning issues can all offer specific problems that only be overcome by a fixed or mobile Monoblock solution.
ACG portable air conditioners are suitable for offices, computer rooms and light commercial use. Available in Heat Pump and Cooling Only models they are ideal for cooling flats, conservatories or loft conversions during hot summer months.
A single package unit with a built in evaporator and condenser needs no external unit.
Its design enables air intake to the condenser and discharge from condenser, through the wall.

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Window and Mobile Monoblock Units
Our industrial range of portable coolers offer over 10kw of cooling from a single phase supply.
Simple to use controls and a narrow diameter duct make these a great solution to cooling up to three seperarate areas at once.

Wall air conditioners, also know as "through the wall" or "in the wall" air conditioners are mounted into a hole in the wall as a permanent installation.